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Spring Referral Program Incentive Promotion!

With our Fortune 500 client list there is a client for just about everyone. It doesn’t have to feel like work. And once your friends see that you love what you do and you’re making money at it, they are going to be asking “What is it you do again and can I do it too?” This is where the referral program comes into play for you. You will be helping your friend as well as helping yourself to $50! It’s our way of thanking you for being a big help. *Payments made after 90 days of friend servicing a client.

For every person that refers someone new to ARUMS that enrolls, certifies with a client and services an Arise client for 90 days, you will receive a $50 referral incentive! In order to qualify your referral must also put in the ARUMS CSP ID of 728556 as the “Who referred you” part of the Arise application or your CSP ID. You also MUST fill out the referral form to qualify and it must be filled our PRIOR to them joining ARUMS. Get out there and spread the word! Get names and email addresses and watch your deposit grow! *if you are not servicing a client and refer a new CSP, your referral will be paid after you have serviced an Arise client for at least 30 days.

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